Debaser last album "Waiting for Niguel" is out! This album was recorded some years ago (around 2003) but since now (Nov, 2007) it was not released to the internet under a copyleft license.

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All songs are written and produced by debaser. Waiting for Nigel was mainly recorded and mixed at the awesome MusicLan studio.

Drop as a mail at: debaser at debaser dot info

Debaser are:

Related bands:

Pau and Jordi use to play live with Guillamino (and co-produced his album). Eudald and Jordi are involved with Pullover. Jaume is also known as Mazoni, whose band Jordi plays keyboards and guitar. Pau joins them on bass occasionally.

Previous EP:

"Collecting Flashes" EP (2000). See this page.

There is also the "Sing Along" EP (1997)


New (23 Feb 2008) Some pictures taken during the recording of Waiting for Nigel (back in 2003). At Musiclan (Avinyonet de Pugventós/Figueres), Can Serrallonga & Can Debaser (Ripoll), at Paracetamol Studio (La Bisbal) and IUA studio (Barcelona).

waitingnigel300 pau_gravant_musiclan jaume_jordi_pau
pau_treballant_amb_pulsar can_serrallonga debaser-estudi
musiclan_jordi_sole-pau_arumi-joan_trayter control-musiclan local_debaser_apunt_gravar
jaume_tren pau_jordi_jaume_iua jordi_canta
eudald_finestra pau_jaume_al_fons 4_debasers_can_serrallonga
jaume_serio waitingnigel300

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